February 25 General Meeting

The DDS 2017 General Meeting will be held at the UAW Hall, 3450 Central Ave, on Saturday, February 25 from 6:00-8:00 PM. The purpose of this meeting will be to hear reports from the standing committees, consider and vote on proposed resolutions, and elect officers of the Local. If you are planning on attending the meeting, please RSVP by filling out this form. This will help us with planning and logistics.

We will be offering Socialist School for children during the meeting, so bring them along! They will get to learn about fairness, equality, and the importance of taking care of others—and have fun while doing it.

Meeting Agenda 

This agenda was last update on February 23 at 10:05 AM. It is subject to revision. 

1. Call to Order 

2. Reports

  • Organizing Committee (final report)
  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Events
  • Media and Outreach
  • Politics and Electoral Action
  • Solidarity Economics

3. Local Executive Committee Elections

  • Nominations
  • Order of elections: (a) Chair; (b) Vice-Chair; (c) Secretary; (d) Treasurer 

4. New Business

5. Matters of Discussion and Announcements

  • Update from the Dubuque Federation of Labor

6. Adjournment and Informal Socializing 

Anyone may draft a proposed resolution and submit it for consideration by the body. We encourage authors to use our Resolution Template. If you would like assistance, contact Dubuque.DSA@gmail.com. Please also send resolutions to this address in advance, so they can be printed and included on the agenda. 

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