Reflections on our March Meeting

Last night the Dubuque Democratic Socialists gathered to offer committee reports, share information about upcoming events, get our active learning on, and explore time banking. Here are some pictures of the evening, courtesy of Chris Lammer-Heindel.

seated audience looking toward a woman at the front of the room
Naomi Clark gives the media committee report.
people sitting in rows of chairs
We discussed proposed resolutions.
Man in front of audience
Ben Darr led us in playing the game of capitalism, prompting us to ask ourselves, “What would a social revolution look like?”
line of people with gumball machine
The boot-strapping workers lined up to produce gumballs for which they will be paid just enough to buy the five gumballs needed for survival.
Woman hands a man in police hat a tin-foil badge
Out of work and out of food, Steve McGuire was hired to protect the means of production when the workers threaten to unionize and seize it.
People in a circle connected by a network of yarn.
To learn about the possibilities of time-banking, we threw a ball of yarn back and forth to friends and neighbors as we thought of skills we could offer to each other and skills we could benefit from. The children couldn’t wait to get tangled up in the yarn!
children sitting on the floor and at tables
A big thank you to Haley Lammer-Heindel who provided crafts and activities for the children! (Photo credit: Haley Lammer-Heindel)



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