Magic 101 (for kids)

Class Description: Magic 101 for Kids, taught by  Want to know how to disappear a quarter? Astound your friends with card tricks? This class is for you! Magician Jim McCrea will teach kids sleight-of-hand and basic magic tricks to wow their families and friends. For school-age children.

About the Instructor: An Order of Merlin member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Rev. Jim McCrea has been performing magic for 32 years. His day job is serving as pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Galena, where he gives junior sermons based on magic tricks. McCrea first discovered the joy of performing for and entertaining others from his mentor, magician Bob Brown. McCrea is the author of the book The After-Dinner Magician or How to Give the Banquet Committee Their Just Dessert (with Brown) and a set of lecture notes for Paul Diamond, internationally-known magic dealer, entitled Curtain Call .


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