Dubuque Harm Reduction

Dubuque Harm Reduction is an initiative of DDS, which operates as a mutual aid network.

Our current system criminalizes drug use and refuses to provide the unique healthcare services and medical supplies, which people who use drugs require. Many of the deaths associated with drug use are a result of prohibition and inadequate accommodation of people’s needs. As we fight to decriminalize and legalize drug use and establish universal and comprehensive healthcare, we support efforts to organize former and active drug users to provide harm reduction services by and for themselves.

We believe everyone should have access to the medical supplies they need to stay safe and avoid harm. Some of us use drugs, some of don’t. All of us are committed to loving, non-judgmental health care services.

Call or text (563) 447-5802

Free delivery/drop-off available in Dubuque County. Free Hep C and HIV testing available.

Want to become a volunteer? Let us know!