Reprint: TH Letter to the Editor on Prescott charter renewal

Christine Darr

Editor’s note: Although the following letter to the editor doesn’t address socialism directly, it is one way to resist the current capitalist refusal to invest in quality public education, especially when it benefits our most vulnerable children. Prescott Elementary located in downtown Dubuque is a public charter school, not to be confused with a private charter school. Link to original article.

By Christine Darr

On December 3rd, the TH Editorial Board stated that they believe the Prescott charter should expire. They claim that because the advisory council charged with deciding whether to renew the charter asked for more information, that is an indication that the charter’s impact has been insufficient. However, by requesting more data the council is demonstrating their desire to be as responsible and informed as possible before making a decision that will significantly impact the students, families, teachers, and staff at Prescott.

The TH editorial declares that refusing to renew the charter is a “done deal.” In fact, that is far from clear to the parents, children, and teachers who love Prescott because of what the charter makes possible. As a family who, four years ago, opted into Prescott because of the charter, we have enjoyed the many experiences and opportunities Prescott offers for our children.

The TH tips its hand a bit when it says that parents might be interested in the educational opportunities of a public charter school—if not for its location downtown. I’m curious–what exactly is it about Prescott’s downtown location that is a “deal-breaker”? Perhaps classist or racist fears prevent some residents in Dubuque from exploring Prescott, but that shouldn’t eliminate the option for all students and families.


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