Renters’ Union Hosts Q&A with Iowa Legal Aid Attorney

A picture of people (11 visible) sitting around white folding tables arranged in a square shape.
Iowa Legal Aid Attorney Todd Schmidt leads the Renters’ Rights Q&A.

Because the first step in exercising our legal rights are knowing what they are, on March 11th the Renters’ Union hosted a renters’ rights Q&A with Todd Schmidt, an attorney with Iowa Legal Aid. At the event Schmidt provided a¬†Landlord Tenant Law FAQ¬†handout and gave a primer on landlord and tenant duties as well as a run-down of the eviction process. Some of the frequently asked questions include:

  • What should you do if the landlord doesn’t make repairs?
  • What late fees can a landlord legally charge a tenant?
  • For what reasons can a landlord evict a tenant?
  • For what reasons CAN’T a landlord evict a tenant?
  • How does a landlord legally evict a tenant?

Throughout the meeting there were exclamations of “Wish I’d known this a year ago!” and stories of negligence, stolen deposits, bogus barriers to tenants’ receiving their mail, and more.

The next meeting of the Renters’ Union will be on Sunday, April 8th, 5:30 PM. The location is likely to be the same, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 1699 Iowa Street, pending confirmation. All are welcome!

Image shows nine individuals seated around white folding tables arranged in the shape of a square.
Renters and allies learning about renters’ rights.

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